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>> The history of Physical Theatre




Jean Soubeyran was commissioned by the Folkwang School to conduct courses in pantomime; when he went to East Berlin ...




... Günter Titt continued this work, both for students of the Drama Institute and for the Opera class.




this tuition, initially implemented in the form of a course, was incorporated into the syllabus as a fixed component in acting training. This brought into being a new training model that was later adopted by many acting schools.




Günter Titt, together with Bettina Falckenberg, set up the Pantomime major. He directed the class until 1987. In the same year a mime studio was founded, where the class presented its art to the public in solo, duo, and ensemble works. The in-house nature of these events was quickly expanded. Audiences from outside came streaming in, and numerous guest appearances all over the republic followed. Initially it was possible to take a double major in mime and acting, but in ...




this was abolished.




Milan Sladek took over the leadership of the program.




Günter Titt taught again in cooperation with Karsten Itterbeck and Thomas Stich.




Peter Siefert was appointed Professor. Seifert had been a student of Günter Titt and Bettina Falckenberg from 1962-64 and a student of the film-maker and director Lecoq from 1964-65; he was senior producer at the Staatstheater Kassel until 1993.




Thomas Stich, a lecturer in the major since 1992, assumed leadership of the program.




Thomas Stich was appointed Professor of Mime / Physical Theater.




the course became modular in form as part of the redesign of the training program in line with the Bologna Accords and was given a new name: Physical Theatre.