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Applications should be made in writing by 31. December, including the following documents:


  • > Application to take part in the qualifying examination
  • > CV / Resume
  • > Two photographs (designated with name and address)
  • > Certified photocopy of university entrance qualification or equivalent school-leaving certificate
  • > Receipt for payment of the application fee (bank statement)
  • > Details of three audition scenes


Please send the complete set of documents to the following address:

Folkwang Universität der Künste

Klemensborn 39

45239 Essen


Important: Incomplete applications will not be processed!


The Artist Diploma-Course Physical Theatre begins exclusively in the summer semester (April). The application documents have to arrive at the university until december 31 of the preceding year.


The aptitude tests are held at the end of each winter semester (January/February). Duration: three to four days. The next aptitude test Physical Theatre for 2017 will take place from 30.01. - 02.02.2017.


  • First round:
    Presentation of three stage scenes developed by you. These should be entirely different in terms of content, characters and performance types. Props, music and language may be included as additional means of expression beyond the physical, depending on necessity with regards to the scene’s content.
    (Total performance time should not exceed 20 minutes.)

  • Second round:
    Continuation of one of the these scenes performed. Improvisation.

  • Third round:
    Movement training, voice training, choreography training, body language. Final selection.


Explore, invent, or interpret characters and topics of particular interest to you personally. We do not expect perfection or any technical abilities.We are much more interested in gaining some insight into your imagination, your willingness to express yourself physically, and your ingenuity with regards to scene development.


The course begins in the following Summer Semester (April).


From pantomime to physical comedic movement theatre up to today's Physical Theatre:


This course of studies at Folkwang University of the Arts created by Professor Günter Titt and Bettina Falckenberg in 1965 was and is until today the only national training centre for players of the Physical Theatre in Germany.


In the years 1965 - 1987 the emphasis of the training lied in the mediation of the art of the Pantomime: „The Pantomime is the endeavor and opportunity to experience once again the conflicts and dreams of our life in its physical confinement, its direct sensual and meaningful experience, isolated in play, pure and without the backdrops and props of the world, as the nucleus of our consciousness,” (Professor Günter Titt in his book „The Art of the Pantomime“). In the years 1994 - 2005 under the direction of Professor Peter Siefert the profile of the training changed toward a comedic movement theatre.


Ways of playing like Commedia dell’Arte, clown theatre, mask theatre and choric theatre were and still are substantial course contents. In the context of the Bologna-Agreement the study program was modularized. This was taken as an opportunity to initiate a process to resurvey contents and formats, which led in result to the reconception of the training. Curricular cross-linking with the courses play/direction, musical and within the framework of projects with the courses dance and music extend and deepen the teaching and the learning.


Today young theatre makers are trained to develop the ability to create own pieces (authorship). Enabling them to seek out topics, which they are keenly interested in, to grasp these conceptually, to develop these in great independence and on a high artistic level . 


Substantial means of expression still are the various narrative styles with and by the body, the movement, the gesture.


Further on the course will have to react openly and flexibly to the transitions in the theatrical artistic practice everywhere.


Prof. Thomas Stich

(translated by David Lange)


Physical Theatre



We are the students of the Artist Diploma course of studies Physical Theatre at the Folkwang university of the arts in Essen-Werden. With this website (http://www.physicaltheatre.eu) we would like to inform all people interested ones in our course of studies.


Those who are interested in studying within the range of acting and/or more specifically Physical Theatre, can get right here comprehensive information about requirements, application, registration, study process. For further questions you can get in contact with officials of our course via email: physicaltheatre(at)folkwang-uni.de


Our website is also a platform for presenting our activities and our work to broader audience. Furthermore we would like to report on anything concerning our course of studies, be it information meetings, application periods, upcoming live performances of our work. Besides that we also share video recordings of our pieces and loads of photos.


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